Hello, I am Eva Sonneveld


Eva Sonneveld is a designer whose work highlights the harmony between graceful creation and functional detail.

For her, clothes emphasize a role in human adaption. She is fascinated by the way the earth and life on it, the organic and the electric, are intertwined. In addition, her fascination with organic movement, practical details and construction, naturally inform her evolving body of work.

After her graduation in BA Fashion & Design at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, she got the chance to intern at Philips design. Focused on Trend research and CMFG, this extra internship brought her insight in the execution of strategic trend, material and color research for different design departments. Thereafter, Eva concluded that her true interest still laid in fashion design.

Therefore, Eva is currently diving into the fashion design program CLO3D, to develop her skillset more towards the future of fashion design. Eva is passionate about research, colors and materials, sustainability, (multidisciplinary) teamwork and loves to incorporate these subjects as ingredients to come to her designs.

Want to know more about my experience? Make sure to download curriculum vitae below or visit my linkedin.