Fashion For Good – Exhibition Grow, Amsterdam (2021-2022)

For the exhibition Grow at the Fashion For Good museum in Amsterdam I designed a sustainable look which went back to the source of the materials which were handed to me for this project. To show the idea of a circulair fashion system; from a small banana plant until final garment and later being able to go back into the ground again without leaving any traces behind.

During project Grow, I had the opportunity to work with the company GreenWhisper. A French textile company determined to change the fashion system with their banana fiber textiles. They help local banana farmers in India by buying up their dying trees after they drop off their bananas. They divide the trunk of the trees into thin slices and let them dry in the sun. After drying, they process the fibers into textiles for the market. The plant based fabrics are 100% biodegradable and compostable, furthermore they are made out of waist material from the food industry which makes it a great sustainable option to work with in the industry.

Banana Farmer’s Workwear

This look was created as a homage to the banana farmer and the very beginning of fiber in this fabric.

The print abstractly portrays the exact location in India where it all began, the location where these fibers grew up as a flourishing banana tree on a banana farm.

The embellishment on the chest is inspired by the craft in which India thrives, in the fashion industry: Indian embroidery.

Want to know more about this project? Please find more information about my work for this project on the Fashion For Good website or head to the press list on my contact page to read some articles about this project.

Slippers made of bio-based Mirum leather, in collaboration with shoe designer Sophie Tiné.