The Natural Dye Proj.

 A Textile research project (2018)

A project to discover how natural dyes work and how they could be applied on the four most used natural based materials in our industry: silk, cotton, wool and linen. Samples and try outs show the research that’s done, collected together with recipes in my book. Sometimes in combination with beforehand treated textiles (to open up the fibers) or after the dye process treated textiles with for example iron or vinegar. This to discover how the natural pigments change when they come in touch with a different pH level.



Treat textiles with yoghurt beforehand

Tumeric dye bath

15 L Water / 500 GR Tumeric


Heat from iron


Beforehand treat textile samples with Alum

Reseda + Indigo dye bath

1 L Water / 40 GR Reseda / 5 GR Indigo / 10 GR rusty nails (iron) / 20 ML of vinegar


Heat from iron