Survival Constructions

Textile design project (2018) – Amsterdam Fashion Institute, BA Fashion & Design 



is about using the expertise of nature. By the design principle of Bio-mimicry, we translate natural phenomenons into high-tech man made solutions to our environmental problems. A new way of survival. Inspired by nature, designed by people. 


Survival Constructions After the concept period I started my research process. First I did overall research on topics as: environmental problems, survival tools and technical developments. Quickly after that I focussed down on the topic of Air Pollution, in the meantime I found a collaboration with a master student from the TU/e University in Eindhoven. Together with inspiration from the the survival tools topic and technical developments research I experimented with my specialisation focussed on knitting and made samples. A selection of these samples formed my textile collection, fitting the concept.


Thermochromic dye process The colour of the garment responds to heat, above a certain temperature the color changes to an off white tone.



50M Rope piece

> 50M knitted rope
> Handknotted
> 100% cotton yarn combined with

100% metallic yarn


> Air pollution tracking system
> Color change through thermochromic dye 
> 100% wool yarn combined with 100% elastane yarn
+ detachable circuit

Air Pollution Tracking Together with the master student from Eindhoven we created the Air Pollution Tracking System. A system consisting of a chip, coded by us to track dangerous levels of air pollution, a Arduino and a circuit attached together with a rechargeable battery. The system was able to track bad levels of Air Pollution, heat up a little if the air pollution was too high and change the color of the sweater that I dyed with Thermochromic ink. This way the sweater would warn you and your surroundings to put up protection.